Sunday, August 23, 2009

Habeas Corpus Hocus Pocus!

Definition of Terms:

the right of a citizen to obtain a writ of habeas corpus as a protection against illegal imprisonment.

It should be noted that the privilege of habeas corpus is not a right against unlawful arrest, but rather a right to be released from imprisonment after such arrest. If you believe the arrest is without legal merit, and subsequently, refuse to come quietly, you are still guilty of resisting arrest, which is a crime in and of itself, even if the initial arrest itself was illegal.

Habeas Corpus Hocus Pocus watch the video!

Innocent until proven guilt in a court of law, not anymore! Locked away based upon your potential to commit a crime, now that's criminal. That makes everyone guilty since we all have the potential to commit crimes. Under Obama's proposed plan if the government deems you a threat regardless of whether you committed an actual crime or not, your guilty! Didn't Obama swear an oath to defend and protect the Constitution? That's right, he screwed that up too!


  1. Its scary when we live in a day when we are guilty until proven innocent!

  2. it is sad to see our freedoms slipping away before our eye, but I won't go without a fight!

  3. Before I even watched the video I thought of Minority Report. Ya, I MIGHT do something but bad. I have the ability to kill someone or hurt someone, but that doesn't mean I am going to. YIKES! Really, this could be any of us.

  4. Sounds like something a socialistic dictator.......crap, that's what BO is doing. He's showing exactly what he is more and more every day. Scary. Frightening. Disturbing.


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